You Want to Quit Your Job, Do What You Love, But You Don’t Know How to…

February 11, 2017
Eitan Nahmias


The biggest creators and greatest artists in history mastered the art of meeting deadlines. You must have deadline. A Deadline is the most important thing in setting goals. Without a time limit, your goal is just a word on paper. You will not respect your goals, without a deadline.

So always, set a date and a time you need to finish something.

Unrealistic deadlines

If you think it will take you four months, to finish writing your book, your deadline should be four weeks or else you will be super slow and out of focus. Ask Steve Jobs Picasso or Elon Musk.

Tell them (Under Pressure)

Once you’ve got a crazy deadline, you will tell everyone about it. When you’re telling everyone that your book will be ready in 4 weeks, they will start pressuring you. The pressure from both sides will keep you on your toes and you will not afford to mess things up and disappoint them.

Just Fu**ing Tell Them!

You will have to find a way to make that happen. Sometimes you will finish the book just in the last minute of your 4th week. Sometimes it will take you seven weeks. Still better than four months, right?

How to do it? After you know you MUST do it. Your friends, people, fans and subscribers know it: you will have to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to do it.

Figure it out

Yes, you have a deadline, and people are waiting. They are anxious about it, and you must give them something. Now you must figure it out and use everything in your might to help you do it.

Hold your Horses

Now this is the part when you figure out that you can’t use your legs against a horse and carriage. Later it’s when you know you can’t use animals against a car. And you can’t use a car against an airplane.

Be modern. Fuck nostalgic.

Be Slow and Lose

The best way to “figure it out” is to stop using old methods. The tech today is efficient. You have so many tools, much more than videos, mentors, blogs, books, and eco-systems. Many “free” tools will help you to do just about anything you ever dreamed. So wake up and see that you are in 2017 and not 1970.

Be Fast and Win

Note to myself: I want to be as practical as I can. Write and explain about each of my favorite tools. (For the readers: Please write me and let me know what you’d like me to help you with).


After meeting the deadline and you are not nostalgic anymore, you most get the numbers right. 4000 words an hour, 18 hours a day working, 8 hours of sleeping. But, you will see you forgot the time you need to eat. Or pee. Or work out. Or call your family.

It’s 1 universal law, 2 sides to every story

So you will need to work on those numbers again. Now you will figure out its 7 hours of sleep. And 10 minutes doing my video workout (check it out), 45 minutes of eating, drinking, and all the maintenance, 15 minutes of calling and 15 minutes of sending emails.

It’s your life; you are the only one knows what’s more important than others.

The list

I think it was Warren Buffet who said that you need to make a list of all your goals, your missions, and you’re most important things you’d like to create. Let’s say you got 20 goals. Put a huge “X” on everything after the first five things.

Now you got a list of five goals, tell “go f**k yourself” for bullets 2,3,4,5 and focus on the first one. When you feel you must do something else- now it’s the time for number 2 on the list.

This technique helped me so much you can’t even imagine. Because when you’d like to focus and get some speed, you most know what your primary mission is.