How to Win The Lottery of Life

February 11, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

I appreciate winning the “Lottery of the universe.” I could not have lost, and now I‘d be some energy in the Perseus Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. But I won, and I am a human being on earth.

Not only that, I won the “Lottery of Earth.” I could be a grasshopper. Or cactus. Or potted mint. Or a frog. Or Ikea wooden chest.

And I won the “Lottery of Politics.” I could have been born in Iran or Africa and did not have parents, or food or water. So okay, I grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Israel, at the age of three, gang members tried to stab me with a knife several times, and thugs kidnapped me.

There were drug addicts around me mostly using heroin. Some of my friends died at a very early age, my birthday was lousy, for a million reasons. When my birthdays began to get better all of a sudden my friends were not present to celebrate them with me.

Yet I am grateful that I won the “Lottery of being Stronger” fighting all the bad things that happen. Today more good things happen to me. If I had not won the “Lottery of the Hood,” right now I would be dead, or I could be fucked up with no food, or using heroin, in some abandoned neighborhood near Bethlehem.

So make sure you got your high energies ready when you start producing. Some of you will need to eat something, drink something and to get some rest. Go outside to get some fresh air. Do whatever works for you. I haven’t come to tell you how to live your life. I am just telling you what’s working for me. Sometimes it’s an extra coffee. Or a small meal. Or some song you’d like to get motivated with (on your break). Save the motivation boosts from your break and be prepared for war.

As I already said, you are your biggest enemy. If you win the war against your mind, then you already won “The Mind Lottery” because most people don’t. You have to fight the distractions. If you win, you would likely win the war in the market. You will dominate. You could be #1 in your niche. And then go to the next corner. And you could be #1 in town. And #1 in your country. And #1 in the whole state.

As I don’t have many subscribers at the moment, you have probably won the “Eitan Nahmias Lottery” already. Thanks so much for reading and giving me your attention. I believe you have read my article and right now you’re probably happy, so cheer yourself up (and click that heart bellow if you loved my post and enjoyed).