How to Reverse Engineer Anything and Be A Genius

February 11, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

Reverse Engineer Everything in Life

I love to reverse engineer. And what can we do? Anything you’ll do — someone else did it before you. The only thing you can do is: Do it differently. Maybe a little bit different or a lot different. If you’d be focused enough, you might even make it a bit better. If you’re lucky and focused, you’ll make it better and make it different. You got it both. Bravo.

Your shit is way too big, you need to cut it

Now, what do I mean by reverse engineering? It means you know what the final picture is. You know the end of the story. You know what the big goals are 50 years from now. And now you break it down. 49 years from now. 48 years from now. When you arrive at the moment of 12 months from now, cut it to months, weeks or days.

Now when you got your short-term goals, you will need to reverse engineer each one of them and figure out how other people did it before you. Break each goal “in reverse” and get your smaller goals in check. Now you can focus on each one of them.

What is my “hidden wonder” for reverse engineering anything in life? Instinct.

Grand Prix of life: Instinct

Want to work really fast? Want to “do do” and as I wrote before — do what you would have done in 3 weeks in 1 day? Do three weeks of work in 16 hours?

You need instincts. When you think, you are slow.

Poppa twist cabbage off instinct

Fuck thinking. Fuck dwelling. Fuck questions. No questions. Stop making decisions. Decisions are the biggest focus killers. Just know what you’re doing and don’t have any conflict. Fewer decisions make you see the important things clear. That’s focus.

How to write 340 words in 5 minutes? By doing it an instinct by not thinking By letting your hand just flow on your keyboard (oh and by the way, I found out that for me my Mac Book Pro Retina is the fastest, so if you’re a writer- check which keyboard is better for you, what you feel comfortable with).

I got instincts dripping out my buttcheeks

Do it as often. Fuck the sprint. Why “fuck sprint”? Because it is difficult enough for your brain to get your wish into an “instinct action.” Especially, if you work on your “intuition muscle” for only one hour a day. Or 2 hours a day. But, if you’re getting “obsessed” and doing it 12, 16, 18 hours a day. If you’re focused on your state of mind 24/7, then, it’s much easier to develop your instinct.

Instinct = speed. Why the biggest entertainment-sport players got all those championships? In basketball or soccer or football or whatever. Why? Because they developed that “crazy instinct.”

I pray everyday, I travel at God’s Speed

And when you get those instructive instincts, you will do great things. You will manage to create so much in such a short time. You will feel like Picasso. People will praise you. Do you feel good now right? Don’t feel good because I am letting you feel motivated. Feel great and calm right now because I just told you how to control the best tool in life: instinct.

“But Eitan, we work 8 hours a day, and we sleep 12 hours a day, how can we develop instinct?”

OK. First of all, if you work 8 hours and sleep 12, you got 4 hours a day to develop your instinct. It’s a good start.

Now, for me, I think it’s a waste of time to sleep for 12 hours. Since I eat right and work out, I barely need 8 hours of sleep in average. Sometimes seven hours is more than enough for me.

So let’s get back to mathematics. Sleeping for 8 hours. Working for 8 hours (let’s say you are working 9 to 5). You still got an additional 8 hours to develop your focus.

Of course. If you’ll waste your time on dating apps or on any mobile app actually, and the rest of the time you’ll spend on watching television or web shows (Unless of course, you use those technologies to create things).

STOP wasting time on stupid shit. Yes, watching TV shows is stupid. Yes, sending messages to your friends / your dates / your sex buddies is ridiculous. Yes, doing shit that doesn’t matter. It is stupid. To create things is smart. That’s what I think. That’s my blog.

Cut it. Mix it. And Create Great “New” Things.

If you think it’s smart to send Emojis. And watch Game of Thrones all day… then you’re not in the right place. You can enjoy your life and do watch TV shows sometimes; it might inspire you to create great things, or help you relax. I am not judging. It’s all about how often you do it, and for what uses. If watching Netflix 1 hour a day helps you write a book in 7 days, well done.

So the bottom line is: It’s all about what you do in your “working hours,” and less on what you do in your “chilling time.” Most people do not create anything at any time of the day. Some of them might produce very little for maybe 2 hours a day. And spend most of their “other” hours in various ways.

“Okay Eitan, I decided I want to stop wasting my time on fucking stupid things.”

Good for you. Let’s get back to mathematics. Open your online banking (or go to your fucking bank if you still live in the 70’s) and see how much money you’ve got.

You think you’ve got money for a few months of rent and food? Maybe it’s time to quit your job and develop your instinct skills, your focus skills… and CREATE your things. That’s what I did. It’s not a piece of advice. Don’t listen to anyone’s advice. No one knows what’s right for you.

For me, I can’t just waste my time and work for some company without creating anything. And fuck that “I hate working for others.” When I’m writing a book, I am working for my readers.

Be The Originator

When I write for some other company (let’s say I do copy write or just writing them content for their website or Eco-system), I work for them. Instead of having one boss you might end up with ten “bosses.” or if you’re lucky, 100 bosses.

Pick Your Materials, and Tools

And that’s great because if some of them got bad vibes, you could tell them to go fuck themselves. You control your life. You got choices.

Freedom: The key for great instincts

Yes, for me freedom is incredible, I prefer to get MUCH less money in the short term, and believe me I had offers of MILLIONS of dollars, I told those companies to go fuck themselves because they wanted me to create NOTHING.

Not Freedom

And on the top of all that, they wanted me to do things that mainly will hurt people. Now as I already spoke about — it’s all about yin and yang. Someone somewhere will get hurt. It doesn’t matter what you’ll do. Someone will not like it. Someone will hate it someone will like it someone will love it.


The difference: intention. And your primary mission. I want my purpose and mission to be pure.

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