How To Quit Your Job and Develop An Entrepreneur State of Mind

February 11, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

Marathon and The Brain

The marathon is the biggest “hack for success.” The marathon’s used by everyone — call centers, door to door, online marketing, direct response, magazines, investments banks, high-tech companies and more.

The thing is: it’s easier for people to be in a marathon when they have a boss who’ll kick their butt if they are not running fast for 10–12 hours a day. But, when they decide to found their company. Or write their blog. Or be an author and write a book…. They are getting lazy again.

Why? It’s because it’s harder to be both the boss and the employee. And it’s not easy to kick yourself in the butt. You can scream at someone else that he is slow or not be working. But most people won’t do the same for themselves. And that’s the problem. You need to control yourself better than you control others. That’s the first “secret” for success. You need to control yourself. Now for example in call centers at investments banks, Wall Street, VCs, funds, etc. They will kick your butt so quick if you don’t bring results to the table. If you work there and you’re not on the phone, they will get pissed off.

Get Your F**** Legs Off

They will tell you to stand up every time you are on the phone. Sometimes they will tell you to be on your feet for 10 hours a day. Because when you’/re standing your energies are high. When you sit, they will probably won’t be at the same level.

A Little Bit Better

Now I know people who worked in call centers and did earn 5X or 10X more than their friends. But when they decided they wanted to do something on their own — here came the problem.


So yeah. Use the Standing Method — get on your legs as often as possible and be energized. And if you’re sitting, do NOT fucking put your feet on the table. And do not work while you’re in your bed. Sofas and beds are not for work. Sorry to tell you this, but I never met someone doing three weeks of works in a day while they are on a sofa.

Much Better

Method 2: Jump around. Seriously. Jump. Move your body. Watch my video. Move. Do some running or walking. Get energy.

So get out your seat and jump around!

The other method? Count. It’s all about mathematics.

But Eitan, What if I’m Lazy?

Let’s get back to laziness for a second. Laziness is a natural state of mind. When I wake up sometimes, I get so lazy that I wouldn’t even get up to pee when I wake up. I might even look for a bottle to pee inside. True story. I might feel that lazy. It might take me 2 hours to wake up.

Stretch Up

Wake Up Beast Mode

When you wake up — you need to be focused. Exactly like in your creation. When I wake up, it’s the same. Or at least the phone or alarm will be far away. Why?

It is annoying for the alarm to ring after you have woken up. Once I have woken up I walk around my room to energize myself and ensure that I am not sleepy anymore.

“I Woke Up In Beast Mode”

CONTROL. As I already said it’s all about control. And anyway if you want energies you need to have a DEEP sleep. You won’t be able to get deep sleep after you closed your alarm. And the control is even more crucial for your state of mind and focus.


Let’s talk about it. When you set a mission, or a goal, or when you promise yourself something. When you promise something to someone — it’s disrespectful to fuck it up or not do what you said you’ll do. You will never be in control with that attitude.

Do not promise anything you will not deliver. First, do it with YOURSELF. OK? You will gain control. Give yourself deadlines.

Goals? In my next post, I’ll speak about goals and deadlines. Thanks so much for your kindness and the fact you gave me your lovely attention. I appreciate it very much more than you imagine. Enjoyed my words? Please hit that heart below 🙂