Why Reading This Post Won’t Help You Become a Better Person

February 5, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

Dwell in Hell. Why do I say that? Because dwelling will fuck you up, big time. Stop thinking about your losses, stop dwelling on the things you’re bad at. I am bad at 99% of things in the world. Seriously, I have never been to school. Like, I would go maybe once a week or twice a week for a little bit, do some gangster shit and go hang out in the hood. I am awful at learning boring stuff.

I am awful at the gym. It took me four years of gym to start developing some muscle. It took me twenty-five years of meditation and martial arts mentors and working hard. Now I am great in meditation, but it took me 25 years, right? And I am still awful at things 90% of the people in the world are good at. I am under the average score in most sports, activities, jobs, skills, anything. I have no clue what’s offside, my singing is terrible, I’m probably the worst dancer in the history of humanity. You probably have dogs who are better dancers than me. I can’t play basketball or most of the other sports. I am the best in a few things, like tech, writing, and meditating.

How? By doing more and dwelling less. It was cool when I did my “cleansing”. I cleaned my life up and got rid of all of the average people, all of the individuals who were negative, who were complaining all day and just looking at the half-empty glass.

Lucifer, son of the morning

That’s not my point. If you dwell too much, that’s awful. Even on how good you are, and how the world is beautiful, and how you want to be fast. You will probably be a loser. So spend less time on the dwelling, thinking, strategizing, and do more. More action equals more losses. More losses equals more victories. More victories equals you win in life. You win in life equals you can help more people. You help more people equals you’ve got a legacy.


What’s legacy for me? First of all, it is doing what I want without thinking about what everyone else is saying. Fuck everybody. Just do a lot. Now I do things I want. And no one wants just to make money. So fuck money. I love money, don’t get me wrong, but by doing a lot of what I love, people enjoy my creations. And then I get money. And they enjoy. And I’ve got a legacy.

“Time 4 Sum Aksion”

More about legacy in my next post. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.