Travel your Mind and Never Feel Sad Again

February 5, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

Meditation Instrumentals

Another great way to make your focus better, by using music and sounds is to have something instrumental (at least you will not have to use words). Words might distract you. The focus is all about control. Do you want to concentrate? You need to control your mind.
Do you want to control your thoughts? First, we get rid of the distractions (as I wrote about before). Second, you need to be in the mode. And not look for another kind of distractions (song lyrics).

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hip-hop beat, trance or Asian/Indian music you’ll have to choose it. I’d like a ‘munk style’ sounds and music or nature sounds, animals, water, jungles, trees, birds, leafs, wind, rain. I think most of us got it our DNA the “paleo” part, this means that you believe in evolution, those millions of years created your genes. So, your DNA was built for millions of years with one thing: Nature. We haven’t had smart phones for millions of years. We haven’t had the television for millions of years. We haven’t had cameras for millions of years.

Using headphones will help you listen to the music and sounds without distractions.

Fast meditation

It’s sometimes a bit harder to hear calm music and be in an energetic mode. For me it works and I’m planning on creating some of that music for you soon. You will tell me if you like it.

Now, try to be calm for some time and excited at different time spans, that’s yin and yang. It will help you have a better flow in your story or writing. Like in a book or a movie there will be peaceful moments, some romantic moments and some sexy scenes. That should be the same with your vibes.

Thank you so much for your time and for taking the time to go through my words, I respect you for that. I hope you feel great right now. There will be more on Yin and Yang in my next post.