Knock Yourself Out. Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Smack You

February 5, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

You must be strict with yourself. I’ve been in the army. It was not easy. I learned that if I am not super tight with myself, I will finish in jail. You must be your own boss, you must punish yourself if you haven’t been good, and you need to give yourself a compliment and a treat or a gift when you’re super amazing.

That means if you’re like me and after sixty minutes of work, you give yourself five minutes of checking your mobile phone and to pee. That’s five minutes. If it took you ten to fifteen minutes you must punish yourself. You must be strong.

Why? Because if you tell yourself that it’s alright not to be loyal to yourself, you will not be faithful to anyone else. And if you can’t keep your word and mission and goals, well, how could you expect anyone else keep their word?

Knock Yourself Out. Or Someone Else Will

Your worst enemy is yourself. You’ve probably heard that before. It is 100% true, my friends. Do not be afraid of yourself, and still, do not disrespect yourself. Listen to yourself and keep you own word, be loyal, and keep up with your goals and missions. Do not fuck yourself up, love yourself with no limitations; unlimited love. When you stop fucking yourself up and you love yourself, and you give yourself unlimited love, you will start giving others. You will start to behave better and give others love and value.

The Marathon

Now, I will give you your secret for being successful in life, to being in full abundance. The marathon. The long run. The ability to create fast every hour of the day. Picasso did it. Zuckerberg did it when he founded Facebook. Sergey Brin and Larry Page did it for at least fifteen years with Google.

You need to do the same amount of work you did in the last week – in one day. And then two weeks in one day. And even three weeks in one day, in sixteen hours. And as I said before, cut your goals into small pieces. Cut it into blocks. Have a numeric goal for each five minutes (for example, every five minutes you need to write 300 new words). Put on a timer. Not the timer on your phone because it will just expose you to vicious distractions. See how you’re doing more in five minutes, and more in one hour, and more in ten hours, and more in one day.

Marathon. Alone.

If at first you only write 150 words in five minutes, or 200 words in five minutes, or 250 words in five minutes, that’s fine. The next five minutes do better. Go get a coffee or use some of my techniques to get your brain and body ready for speed. My “Speed Energy Workout” is a seven-minute routine for killing it.

Be obsessed?

Everyone is talking about obsession lately. Shout out to Grant Cardone. I love you, buddy and you’re amazing. So the obsession could be great. You need to be obsessed with focus and speed.

Focus and Speed

We spoke about focus, now let’s go to speed. I eat healthy. I sleep seven to eight hours a day, I go to the gym, I don’t eat processed foods, I do anything I can to not have OCD or any of those bullshit acronyms. Whatever you got, OCD, OCP, ADHD, CIA, NBC, NBA, whatever. You need to be in good shape, eat well, and have a better state of mind.

So you need to train your mind. Yes, the gym is nice for the body. The hormones might help you a little bit with your state of mind. You need much more than that. You need to be in a top quality state of mind. And also your feelings. You can’t be a fucking psychopath and not control your feelings and thoughts and think you can do three weeks of work in one day. Or can you? Maybe. You’ll probably be taking bunch of drugs. And maybe you won’t. Maybe someone can have a fucked up state of mind and be mentally ill and still work fast. Who knows?

For me, I must be in control. The best state of mind. I am humble. I mean I appreciate every small thing in life. My water, my food, my phone, my family, my fresh air.

And I smile a lot. Yes, smiling is a good tool to be in a good state of mind. Smile a lot. Smile in photos. Smile in videos. Smile when you wake up. Smile before you go to sleep. Smile. Now look at the glass as half full.

Half-full glass

For me, the glass is full

To be optimistic is important for your state of mind. You want to do a few weeks of work in one day and keep doing it for the rest of your life? You need to be optimistic. So if you’re like me, and this hour you only did 3,000 words instead of 4,000 words. That’s fine. If you made only twenty-five videos today instead of 100? That’s fine. Why? Because you still did much more than your average day, right?

And you’re doing much, much more than 99% of people in the world. And when you keep doing and practicing you will get better. Michael Jordan didn’t scored as much as he did just by looking at the half-empty glass and crying.

So be happy about your accomplishments, do more of the things that work for you. Stop dwelling or just dwell a little bit at the end of the day. Do more and think less. Dwell is in hell. That’s my new rhyme.