How To (Not) Be A Genius. Focus.

February 5, 2017
Eitan Nahmias

I would like to speak about focus and marathons, and I am not talking about running physically. I am talking about doing. When you do a lot, you run. When you do a little bit for a short time (running a short distance for a limited period), it’s a sprint. Speed for only a short time isn’t for winners in real life. A marathon is.

I admire Gary for telling people, “Go, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, and DO!” I love this guy. He is doing the marathon. Now I must admit that the “Go, do, do, do,” advice is probably not the most helpful tip of all. Lots of people want to do.

And yes, Gary, I get it, you don’t ask people to buy your programs, you don’t sell courses, and only once in two years, you’re selling your book. That’s fine. I might sell a course, though. Gary is selling his services to bigger customers as part of his media company. Amazing. I would like to give people some real tools, even if they’re independent, and not a corporation (like PepsiCo).

I don’t think it’s a shame to sell something useful to someone. Even if the client is hustling hard in life and he’s not a billion-dollar corporation. As long as you give them value, tools, and you’re honest.

What tools? Tools that will help you to do, that will help you to create. So I am telling you, “Okay, you understand you need to do three weeks of work in a day.” Or you say, “I heard I can do twenty days of work in eighteen hours, from dawn to dusk.”

Who told you, “Let’s do two weeks of work in one day?” Gary? Chris? Some author? Ok, well that might be possible for them. Could you stand up now and do it? Maybe? Probably not.

Why? First, you’re not focused. Second, you heard people speaking about sprints and, “You need to start small to be big.” Of course that’s a nice cliché, although I never heard that about running a marathon. You need to only run a sprint once a day for two years.

To run a marathon, you need to run long distances, be strong, survive the obstacles, survive the inclement weather (be strong in the rain and the snow).

Now this author, Chris, he is amazing. He’s giving away some of his books for free to people who subscribe to his mailing list, and I appreciate him for thinking in the long term. To aim through the macro instead of the micro is a great life hack, but it’s not the one that will change your life (or is it?).

He’s telling you something like, “Go and write 5,000 words an hour in a sprint, once a day.” It’s great to write 5,000 words once a day. Then later he tells you to write 4,000 words for two hours a day. That’s 8,000 words a day. Wow, that’s a lot. I mean it. But that’s his sprint.

I hate sprints. I’m doing Paleo, and human beings millions of years ago probably never ran. And let’s say people were running back then. They made a sprint, once in a few months. Apparently, they ran away. Survive. They needed to survive. Not get murdered. Survival is great. You got all level of survival acts.

And indeed, in 2017 you will get “murdered” at the market if you don’t run. I mean steady run. You need to be fast. Everything is quick. That’s why people have zero patience. They want everything now. If their iPhone is too slow after one year, they’ll buy a new one because they want everything to happen now.

That’s not how life works. But I can tell you this, you can. You can do it. You can run eighteen hours a day. Maybe it’s not a sprint, but if you adjust your energy, if you save your energy, you could make 4,000 words every hour for eighteen hours a day. That’s 72,000 words a day. It will not be running, though.

So don’t run. It’s a journey. You can walk fast. It’s better to have 3,000 words each hour for sixteen hours (48,000 words a day), rather than write 4,000 or 5,000 in one hour and play games or chat with chicks on Tinder.

Can you use tools? A plane a car, a bike, or a spacecraft, or your iPhone, or your Android, or a computer? You could write 3,000 words every hour for straight eighteen hours. That’s 72,000 words a day.

You could also do other things. It’s not about writing, it’s about creating. You could make 70 videos a day. And edit them for another 30 shorter videos. And create 100 videos a day and still have time to upload and share them all. You’ll still have a chance to post them. You can give and create so much content. So much, it’s unbelievable.

You can write code, you can reverse engineer, you can paint, you can create music, you can create anything. Ask Lil’ Wayne. Go and listen to his first recordings from the early 90’s. No one can said he was good back in the 90’s. He recorded stuff from 1991 to 2008 (In 2008 he had his first multi-platinum album and his first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100).

From 1997 to 2007, before his breakthrough, he released about 25 albums and mixtapes (was a guest rapper in many other albums), with an average of sixteen songs per release, plus promo singles. That means he released around 400 songs to the public.

I’ve got some private data that says he recorded between 1,000 to 2,000 songs before his breakthrough in 2008. So let’s say he wrote 2,000 songs, recorded 1,200 songs, and released 400. Means he recorded 120 songs a year, that’s a song every three days including recording, writing, producing, mixing, branding, etc. And he did all this while he was super fucked up from many different drugs (and while drinking Purple Drank (cough syrup) like it’s water).

Now let’s do this. How are we going to do it? That’s a great question. First of all yeah, focus is the key word. You need to master your focus. I am talking about meditation. I am speaking about killing distractions. I am saying use the right weapons to your favor and not shooting yourself in the leg.

For success you need to work, work super fast and focused for sixteen to eighteen hours a day. It’s become your instinct. And then you’re a monster, like in Kanye’s song, Motherfucking Monster.

OK, so first, even if you’re the master of Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and all the social tools, and you’d like to upload 100 videos a day, you need to ignore those apps most of the day. Do not let the creators of those companies steal your focus. Yes, take your focus and attention.

Second, don’t let everyone else steal your focus and attention. I am talking about family, friends, women (if you’re a man), men (if you’re a woman), clients, potential customers, people who need help, supporters, fans, great people, good people, bad people, average people. Everyone will try to steal your attention. Do not fucking let them do it.

Control, you need to control your mind. You need to control your emotions. You need to control your fucking hand. Do not check email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Not even SMS. And put your phone on silent. And put it in the other room.

Start with this: follow me for more of my writings about control and focus in my next posts. I’ll share the tools with you that helped me focus and work fast in my ventures and businesses for the last fifteen years.